[Review] Family Addams - A horror family

The Addams Family (The Addams Family) is an animated film but not for every child audience. The film is labeled 13+ in the market and Touch Cinema is confident that this monstrous family will bring audiences laughter and the swamp to the infinity of the Addams members.

This year's horror movie season is not appreciated by many viewers, because the horror works are only of adequate quality. Besides, most of the works from Hollywood are mainly comedic, such as The Zombie Land: Double shot. So for fans of the horror genre, a horror movie like The Family of Addams is easy to get the audience when it blends into the happy atmosphere of the Halloween season.

The family is muddy and funny
The Addams family is the story of the four Addams family members living in a mysterious castle, surrounded by clouds all the time, always tinged with darkness and isolated from those around them.
They choose a place completely separate from the human world to live in, because people always discriminate and alienate the Addams family even though they have done nothing wrong.
This choice gives the whole family a peaceful life, but it makes the daughter Wednesday uncomfortable because she always yearns to explore the world outside the ghost gate of the family.The content of the film is just the details revolving around the daily lives of 4 members of the Addams family, especially the super-naughty sisters Wednesday and Pugsley.
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However, the audience did not get bored at all because the script of the movie was very interesting, easily making viewers laugh and laugh when watching the cold-faced face of his sister and his hyperactivity. you.The horror element of the movie is quite well built, just enough to make the children startled a little bit because of the unexpected scare situations, but absolutely not haunting the children but feeling very excited. Especially with a cold face, the emotional lines but full of funny elements of Wednesday will make the children unable to help laughing because they are too funny. For older audiences, this is just a fun entertaining work.
The content of the film is simple, but it conveys a clear message. It is not advisable to judge people by their appearance. There are people who look good, but hidden deep inside are evil conspiracies to turn everything around to their own discretion. But those who do not look "good" at all, but always bring a warm heart and desire to live in harmony with those around them.

Voice actors
The Addams Family's voice cast has done a great job, with emotional or chilling lines like the faces of the characters in the movie. Combined with the muddy transliteration of the publisher when using extremely reasonable love is the "hot trend" recently. This has contributed to make the film even more attractive and interesting.

Sound, images and effects
The Addams Family footage is handled very softly and impressively. Although the color tone of the film is mainly dark, the images are designed very sharp and impress the audience. Shaping of the characters, though a bit creepy, makes the audience remember long after coming out of the theater.Along with that, the fun songs are cleverly integrated with the details in the movie. The lyrics are also extremely well-made, so the film becomes more and more interesting to the audience.Addams Family is a very entertaining and funny animated entertainment film. Suitable for audiences of all ages, parents can take their children to the cinema to enjoy the movie.

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